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Dealer & GM - Custom Reports (click on sample reports below) 

  •  Executive DOC

More timely than your DMS accounting DOC because of the source of the information: The New, Used and F&I figures come from the F&I side (no waiting for accounting to post the deals). The Service, Body and Parts figures come from the Accounting side.

All of this information is then "stitched together" automatically on one Excel document and then calculates what you are on "Pace" to do at the end of the month.

  •  1on1 Sales Manager Tool

1on1 Sales Manager Tool:  1on1 Sales Manager Tool integrates with many DMS to automatically produce  sales and F&I reports quickly and easily. The reports enable managers to make decisions based on pertinent and timely information, eliminate cumbersome queries, hand-written reports, duel-entry errors and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, quickly and easily.

Sample Reports from the 1on1 Sales Manager Tool

  •  1on1 Expense Analysis Tool

This inexpensive tool integrates with the Reynolds & Reynolds DMS to make it much easier to analyze expenses. Most dealers currently do a time-consuming account-by-account analysis (summarized by each vendor) of each expense account. We can automate that process.