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About Us (click here for Media Kit)

  • We work with automotive dealerships to unlock the power of their Dealer Management System by providing powerful, user-friendly 1on1 Reporting Tools and expert, hands-on 1on1 Consulting Services.

  • Our focus is to develop and deliver relevant products and services that boosts efficiencies of our customers while providing exceptional customer service.

  • Founded in 1987.

  • Headquartered in Gig Harbor, WA.

  • Over 200 dealerships nationwide have utilized our products and services.

Our Expertise

The President of One-on-One Consulting, David Higgins, is an "automobile guy". He grew up in the business (his parents were Dodge and Saab dealers for 25 years), and has worked in almost every department. After working for Reynolds & Reynolds for 4 years, he realized he could provide a valuable service by combining his knowledge of the auto industry and his knowledge of the R&R system. In 1987, after earning his Masters Degree from Notre Dame, he put his dealership experience, R&R experience and the knowledge from his advanced education to work by starting One-on-One Consulting.

We'd like the opportunity to earn your business.