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The Missing Piece in Your DMS

  1on1 Executive DOC (click on sample reports below) 

The Big Picture

More timely than your DMS accounting DOC because of the source of the information.

 Your entire dealership summarized in a few pages

 More timely than your DMS Accounting DOC

 No manual entry of data

 Matches with your Financial Statement

 Data pulls from multiple sources

 From F&I: New, Used and F&I figures (no waiting for Accounting to close deals)

 From Accounting: Service, Parts & Body figures as well as F&I charge-backs and dealer cash

 From Service & Parts: Open RO’s

 Option to pull Vehicle Sales figures from either F&I or Accounting

 Forecasting (along with variance in dollars and percentages)

 Calculates end of month Pace (handles Holidays, Saturdays & Sundays in Pace calculations)

 Easily compares last year’s figures with this year’s figures

 Calculates variances in forecast vs. actual

 Set tolerances for expected figures

 Automatically highlights key areas if outside of your tolerances